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  1. Dalla Russia arriva FindFace, l'app che dà un nome a un volto. È un'applicazione che utilizza il database fotografico di VKontakte per confrontare le immagini e scoprire il nome delle persone
  2. FindFace è un sito che permetteva agli utenti la ricerca di persone iscritte alla rete sociale VK caricando una loro fotografia. È stato creato da Maxim Perlin. Il sito fa uso di algoritmi di riconoscimento facciale sviluppati da N-Tech.Lab per confrontare la foto caricata con quelle presenti su VK con un'accuratezza del 70%.
  3. Con intelligenza artificiale FaceApp, la più avanzata tecnologia di fotoritocco neurale. Migliora i tuoi selfie o divertiti con le funzioni per cambiare l'acconciatura, il sesso e altre incredibili..
  4. FindFace è una nuova app realizzata da un'azienda russa che permette a chiunque di cercare l'identità di uno sconosciuto tramite una foto: basta avere uno scatto che ritrae una persone per riuscire..
  5. The FindFace SDK is a C library that provides access to the cutting-edge facial recognition technology based on neural networks and computer vision. Get all the necessary software development tools in a single package at a reasonable price to start on your project right away
  6. FindFace è un'app che permette di scoprire l'identità di una persona a partire da una sua fotografia. In meno di un secondo e con un'affidabilità superiore al 70%. E ha già scatenato una marea di polemiche. «Your face is big data»
  7. Download APK (8.2 MB) Versions Using APKPure App to upgrade Find Face, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Find Face Приложение находится в стадии бета-тестирования

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FindFace Security detects faces in a video on the fly, identifies them against faces in watch lists, and sends notifications when a match is found. Thanks to the advanced face recognition algorithm, user-friendly interface and the possibility of rapid deployment, FindFace Security is ideal for solving national and business security issues FindFace SDK è una libreria C che fornisce accesso alla tecnologia di riconoscimento facciale all'avanguardia basata su reti neurali. L'SDK consente di risolvere rapidamente e accuratamente i 3 compiti chiave del riconoscimento facciale FindFace Cloud API, the world's top face recognition technology, will help you in verification and identification cases to protect your business and bring to it more efficiency and prosperity. Working on a new solution, based on a facial recognition or just wanna add some cool facial recognition features to an existing product FindFace is a new facial recognition app that uses profile photos of Russia's leading social network to find their identity FindFace app which uses facial recognition to identify strangers on social media takes Russia by storm. FindFace has racked up 500,000 users in only two months. INDY/ LIFE newslette

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The Scoop: Many dating site and app operators want to ensure the authenticity of the people signing up for their services because, unfortunately, a significant number of online daters have been catfished by scammers pretending to be someone they're not. Dating platforms can help give users more peace of mind thanks to FindFace, a facial recognition software that can authenticate user photos. Immer dabei & aktuell - OTTO-App. Unkompliziert bei OTTO bestellen

FindFace, l'app russa che dà un nome a un volto. riconoscimento facciale FindFace, l'app russa che dà un nome a un volto di Redazione Key4biz | 5 Maggio 2016, ore 17:23 Internet The software that's helping monitor all those faces is FindFace, the product of NtechLab, a company that some reports claimed would bring an end to anonymity with its FindFace app. Launched in.. A Russian photographer, Egor Tsvetkov, used a facial recognition web-based app called Findface to locate the social media profiles of unknown people that he. Mobile App¶ To interact with FindFace Security on the go, use the mobile app. The FindFace Security app is available on request for Android. In the app, specify your and password, as well as the FindFace Security URL address, and log in. The mobile app has a highly intuitive and handy design and provides the following functionality

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Facezam is a comprehensive facial recognition system capable of finding identical or similar persons. Based on advanced AI algorithms, Cydral Technology's experts in machine learning created a.. FindFace's neural network receives part of a photo with a face, processes it, and generates the feature-vector, basically the set of 160 numbers that describe the face. NTechLab claims its software.. FindFace è un'app di riconoscimento facciale - sviluppata da una società russa - che permette di confrontare delle fotografie di sconosciuti con quelle pubblicate su Vkontakte, il più diffuso.. FindFace is a dating app for now, but it might eventually be used by the police. FindFace; screenshot by CNET A facial recognition service in Russia is putting public anonymity at risk by letting..

FindFace, the identification app created by Alexander Kabakov, 29, and Artem Kukharenko, 26, is not quite as powerful as Christopher Nolan's Orwellian nightmare tool find face free download. Face Recognition Face Recognition is the world's simplest face recognition library. It allows you to recognize and m Basti pensare, ad esempio, ad app ludiche come Facebook Moments o alla più sofisticata Deep Face . In Russia, FindFace lavora con profili Vkontakte , un social network largamente diffuso lì, che vanta un numero di iscritti notevole: circa 210 milioni

Download Find Face apk 1.6.8 for Android. Encuentra Cara - nueva aplicación para Mí mediante la búsqueda en las redes sociales.

FindFace, l'app russa per riconoscere le persone con una fot

Find Face Android latest 1.6.8 APK Download and Install. Find Face - new application for Me by searching on social networks. The FindFace app was launched two months ago on Google Play and Apple's App Store and currently has 500,000 registered users and processed nearly 3 Million searches, according to its co-founders, 26-year-old Artem Kukharenko, and 29-year-old Alexander Kabakov

FindFace is the Russian app that helps you find people by face on the VK.com network. Presenting an obvious privacy concern for people on the network, the app is nonetheless an innovative use of technology and an API is available at a premium, details at FindFace.Pro. Link to official FindFace sit App APKPure in uso per aggiornare Find Face, veloce, gratuita e risparmi dati internet. La descrizione di Find Face Приложение находится в стадии бета-тестирования A new Russian facial recognition app called FindFace has amassed 500,000 users and over 3 million searches in the past month and has already secured a contract with local police to help identify. FindFace: Russian face recognition app beats Google at identifying people in photos RT. Loading Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition - Tablet version - Duration: 1:16

L'applicazione FindFace è stata lanciata due mesi fa su Google Play e App Store di Apple e attualmente ha 500.000 utenti registrati e trattati quasi 3 milioni di ricerche, << In Russia, Vkontakte , un sito di social networking molto popolare, oltre a mostrare l'account di social media di quello che si sta cercando, (FindFace ) mostra anche l'account social e le foto di molte persone che. The FindFace app has been launched on Google Play and Apple's App Store in February 2016, and there have already been instances where it was used to harass people

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FindFace è l'app che consente di fare una foto a uno sconosciuto e rintracciarne l'identità.Creata dal 26enne Artem Kukharenko e del 29enne Alexander Kabakov, si basa sul confronto con l'archivio di immagini di VKontakte, il Facebook russo elaborato dalla mente di Pavel Durov, stesso autore di Telegram. Il tasso di precisione si aggira intorno al 70% FindFace: Dieser App reicht ein Foto, um Menschen in sozialen Netzen zu finden Wer im Internet surft und einkauft, der ist nicht anonym unterwegs. Hat sich ein Nutzer vor kurzem ein Handy in einem.. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia FindFace is a face recognition technology developed by the Russian company NtechLab that specializes in neural network tools

.heres the info on that facial recognition app i spoke of дискуссии о российском приложении FindFace и тайне частной жизни - Duration: 2:21 Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for VK FindFace ist eine russische App, mit der Sie die Identität unbekannter Personen anhand eines Fotos erkennen können. Erfahren Sie mehr in unserem Artikel FindFace, The app made by the Russians meant to destroy privacy. by Alex Edwards @gismotrends 2016/12/12 at 12:16 AM. There is already an application that allows any photos taken with smartphones to seek social media correspondent, reported Bloomberg Bonus bici (e app) finalmente al via. Quando parte e come ottenerlo. VEDI TUTTI. Cerc

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The online service FindFace is an efficient means of finding anyone registered on Russia's most popular social network, Vkontakte. It works like this: take a photograph of any passerby, and the service automatically matches the image to the publicly listed profiles of anyone on Vkontakte who has a similar face. But FindFace, whose creators describe it as a tool for meeting new people. FindFace - New Generation Face Recognition Face Recognition Revolution: Faces to track; Known criminals and suspects; Investigations; Missing children and elders; Crowds management and analytics. Existing Technologies: Not accurate enough

Download Find Face 1.4.6.apk APK BLACK files version 1.4.6 ru.trinitydigital.findface Size is 10867500 md5 is 41b4540b1f9882a147681d00f097c9b3 Updated In 2016-02-23. A progettare la tecnologia per la rilevazione dell'aggressività è NtechLab, società russa specializzata nel riconoscimento facciale e nota per FindFace, l'app un tempo etichettata come minaccia definitiva per la privacy online. I piani prevedono che la nuova tecnologia sia pronta per partner e clienti già nel 2021

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Gli algoritmi di riconoscimento facciale sono ormai abbastanza precisi, li possiamo vedere all'opera tutti i giorni su un sacco di applicazioni, siti e dispositivi, a cominciare da Facebook a Google, nonché al software delle macchine fotografiche che aiutano la messa a fuoco dei volti, fino alle ultime app come la bellissima Msqrd che ricopre la faccia in FindFace è l'app che tutti gli agenti segreti del mondo avrebbero sempre voluto conoscere; è stata realizzata da un'azienda russa e in pratica consente di risalire all'identità di una persona sconosciuta attraverso una foto caricata sul social network Vkontakte (il Facebook russo per intenderci) The FindFace SDK offers fast and accurate results regarding three basic facial recognition tasks: detection, extraction of biometric template, and verification. A great benefit of the FindFace SDK is its capability to process not only video feeds but also still frames that render facial recognition a viable option for environments in which no cameras and/or video processing hardware can be. Find Face Android latest 1.6.8 APK Download and Install. Trova Face - nuova applicazione per Me di ricerca sui social network. Face recognition app FindFace may make you want to take down all your online photos FindFace has a 70% accuracy for identifying strangers and could be a game-changer for law enforcement

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Die ganze Welt von OTTO entdecken. OTTO-App: Gefunden auf OTTO.de NtechLab's facial recognition software is used to power Moscow's 170,000-strong network of surveillance cameras and the eerily accurate app FindFace, which reportedly was able to identify random strangers with 70 percent accuracy back in 2017 The new app FindFace allows you to snap a picture of anyone walking down the street. You can then connect them with their online presence of a social networks. This also covers government sites. Even within large crowds, FindFace has a 70% reliability A facial recognition app that can work out the identities of strangers in a crowd by matching their faces with profiles on social media is taking Russia by storm. In just two months FindFace has.. FindFace has already become infamous as a dangerous and unprecedented tool for stalkers and online harassers. In April, trolls on a Russian image board were found using the FindFace app to identify..

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FindFace Enterprise Server SDK 2.0 allows you to channel the power of its neural network into any kind of app in a vertical market like Retail Analytics (people flow, client behaviour people count), Verification IP (VIP), Fraud Prevention and Access Control FindFace Security is an intelligent video analytics based on cutting-edge face recognition technology NtechLab's FindFace integration with Genetec™ Security Center delivers an increased level of security and comfort for any organization Unlike other face recognition technology, the FindFace algorithm allows quick searches in big data sets In the two months since it launched, Findface has gained 500,000 users and processed nearly..

FindFace, an app launched by a Russian startup two months ago, lets its users identify strangers from pictures of their faces. It does so by matching the photos against profile pictures from VK.. Il riconoscimento facciale FindFace è un'app di riconoscimento facciale - sviluppata da una società russa - che permette di confrontare delle fotografie di sconosciuti con quelle pubblicate su Vkontakte, il più diffuso social network in Russia The FindFace app, which launched in February this year, works by analyzing an image of a person and matching it to their account on the Russian social network VKontakte. Users of the Russian..

FindFace App Could End All Hopes Of Internet Privacy If the founders of a new face recognition app get their way, anonymity in public could soon be a thing of the past. FindFace, launched two months ago and currently taking Russia by storm, allows users to photograph people in a crowd and figure out their identities, with 70% reliability The FindFace mobile app, which makes it possible to find a random person's social-media page on Vkontakte after taking a photo of them in the street, has made news headlines for its use in experimental art projects and bullying women who appear in pornography Mentre l'app è impressionante, l'app non è altro che un teaser per ciò che il backend di FindFace è veramente in grado di raggiungere. Già, la startup è stata contattata dal governo locale di Mosca per lavorare a fianco delle 150.000 telecamere CCTV della città per aiutare a identificare i criminali al volo A NtechLab nevű orosz arcfelismerő cég, aki főleg a FindFace app-jával vált ismertté - amit az online adatvédelem megszűnése hírnökének is neveztek - azt állítja, hogy jelenleg teszteli az agresszió-észlelés technológiáját, és azt tervezi, hogy 2021-ben teljeskörűen bevezetik örző-védő partnereiknek és ügyfeleiknek FindFace uses facial recognition to find people on a popular social media site in Russia. A CONTROVERSIAL facial recognition app has been used by Russian internet users to identify porn stars and.

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FindFace, the identification app created by Alexander Kabakov, 29, and Artem Kukharenko, 26, is not quite as powerful as Christopher Nolan's Orwellian nightmare tool. But the Russian developers say.. FindFace is a new facial recognition app that uses profile photos of Russia's leading social network, Vkontake, to find their identity. The app, for iOS and Android, claims a 70-percent success rate

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download findface android, findface android, findface android download grati A new version of its FindFace app launched Friday with the capability of tracking down an individual's face among 300 million Twitter accounts in under one second. Twitter has already responded indicating that the app is in violation of its rules, and NTechLab co-founder was open with BuzzFeed reporters about not having consulted with Twitter on FindFace's new capability The FindFace Cloud API offers integration with a face detection, verification, and identification platform. This API enables face comparison, and human detection with coordinates and sizes. POST methods are supported, JSON is used for resposes, and HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. FindFace is a Cyprus based software development firm FindFace compares photos to profile pictures on social network Vkontakte and works out identities with 70% reliabilit FindFace compares photos to profile pictures on social network Vkontakte and works out identities with 70% reliability Published: 17 May 2016 Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring.

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FindFace sfrutta un sistema di riconoscimento facciale che confronta la foto selezionata con quelle dei profili del social network. Basta installare l'app e possiamo subito cominciare a chiedere l'amicizia a gente che abbiamo incrociato per caso per strada o in metropolitana Scarica l'ultima versione di FindFace per Androi FindFace Security, Release 4.1.1 •Integration via HTTP API, webhooks, and python plugins. •Integrations with favored vendors. •Mobile app. You are going to find this guide most useful if you are an expert of the following kind FindFace. The FindFace is the largest Russian social network that promises to discover anyone on the VK.com. To use FindFace, you need to log into the VK account, grant permission, and upload an image of JPG or PNG format. However, the facial recognition search doesn't offer photo upload larger than 5MB. 16. CelebsLike.M But the inventors claim that FindFace isn't a dating app, per se. Rather, they said it serves to display the power of our technology, which they see as being more useful for public safety

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FindFace is a controversial, free people search app that can accurately find a person 70 percent of the time. The FindFace app works in realtime and uses facial recognition technology to search for people in public using just a photo to find their full names and social media profiles online FindFace will allow users to search for fake s entire user database in about a second to see if any profile pictures match the picture you submitted to the app. FindFace is no stranger. Archivio del Tag 'FindFace' Biometria facciale, già foto-schedato un americano su due Scritto il 11/11/16 • nella Categoria: segnalazioni • ( 5 FindFace - A facial recognition app has been used to maliciously unveil the identities of Russian sex workers. Digital rights experts have warned that such technologies may undermine any semblance. A new app called FindFace launched two months ago in Russia, and over 500 million users have already created accounts. The draw? Users are able to snap a photo of strangers in a crowd and pinpoint their identities with 70 percent accuracy Mindfulness - Lo psicologo a portata di App ; Fortnite scompare dagli store di Apple e Google ; TV trasparente: è realtà per Xiaomi ; Resident Evil sbarca (anche) su Netflix ; Huawei, l'inaspettata rivalsa nel 2020

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